The magnificent complex of the Cathedral of Siena, its Duomo, houses a series of some of the most important monuments of the European artistic panorama. With its more than one million visitors every year, the Cathedral without a doubt represents the fulcrum of the entire complex, while other significant elements include the Crypt, the Baptistery and the Museo dell'Opera, all part of the impressive mass formed by the "Duomo Vecchio" (Old Cathedral), and the "Duomo Nuovo" (New Cathedral). Visitors will travel along a memorable itinerary to the discovery of self and the truth of faith through culture and art, the result of more than a millennium of Western history.
opa si pass

OPA SI PASS ALL INCLUSIVE (not including the tour Gate of Heaven)

A single ticket for an unforgettable itinerary through the upper part of Siena to discover exciting treasures of Italian art. Opa Si Pass assures you the unforgettable emotion of art in one of the most beautiful Italian cities, and you will save 50% on the total of the single admissions. At a cost of € 12.00 from March 1 to October 31 and € 8.00 from 1 November to 28 February, the Opa Si Pass itinerary takes about two hours to complete, and is valid for three consecutive days from its issue date.

With Opa Si Pass you will visit the Duomo, uone of the most beautiful Cathedrals of Christianity. A treasure chest that holds immense art treasures, statues by Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini, the Pulpit by Nicola Pisano– masterpiece of Medieval sculpture – the splendid Libreria Piccolomini frescoed by Pinturicchio and the incredible floor, anzi the most beautiful, largest and most magnificent that ever was made, as Vasari wrote in 1568.

With Opa Si Pass, you can enter the Baptistery of San Giovanni to admire the splendid Baptismal Font, the utmost expression of Renaissance sculpture that Jacopo della Quercia, Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti all worked on.

Opa Si Pass invites you down into the Crypt, the underground quarters that had remained hidden for more than seven centuries before they were brought to light with a recent, sensational discovery. A grandiose pictorial cycle from the XIII century will leave you breathless with wonder for its original bright colours.

Opa Si Pass will give you free access to the Museo dell'Opera Museo dell'Opera, allow you to enjoy some of the must-see treasures of Italian art, including the world-famous Maestà dy Duccio di Buoninsegna – the largest altarpiece ever painted – the very delicateGolden Rose by Bernini, the Madonna and Child by Donatello and the moving Crucifix by Pisano.

With Opa si pass ticket you can end the your visit with a climb up to the Facciatone where you will witness the most fascinating and unforgettable view over the City and the Tuscan countryside. An unforgettable experience, but you won't want to forget your camera to take pictures from the best observation point.

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